Have you been stuck and unable to achieve your dreams? Are negative thoughts blocking your ability to succeed?  Have you been allowing fear to talk you out of great opportunities?  If yes, then this course is for you! 

"When you change your mindset, you'll change your life. As your life begins to change, everything around you will ultimately change for the good and create the happier, fulfilled, and enjoyable life you've always wanted." ~ LaKisha Nevels

Everyone will experience some challenges in their lifetime. They might even face obstacles that may appear unbearable. Very few people truly understand how to successfully overcome those roadblocks; which lead them to become stuck and unable to na through their pain, shame, or past life experiences.

30-days to SOAR will help you to reclaim your life. It will assist you in discovering the root cause behind your lack of personal development and progression.

This course will lead you to become focused, discipline, and wanting to create obtainable goals; all while creating an attitude to win and a mindset ready for change.

Here's what some people said about Coach LaKisha:

"My first encounter with LaKisha was via the telephone. I had recently relocated and close to giving up on my small moves and delivery company, but LaKisha knew exactly what to do to re-ignite my entrepreneurial spirit. Within a matter of months, I have gained a greater level of hope and excitement for the future of my business; and now business is booming again. I'm thankful that LaKisha inspired me and gave me the nudge I needed."

Shakeim Folk, Owner, Small Moves and Delivery, Alexandria Virginia

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Where do you go from here?

  • Balance

    Once this course has been completed, students would have gained a greater level of understanding, direction and balance for their life. They will able to apply these tips in their life and become free from the mental setbacks.

  • Energized & Fully Charged

    Students will leave this course ready to start accomplishing goals that had been put off for way to long enough. They should be energized and fully ready to SOAR.

  • Clearer vision

    Students will have a clear vision on what truly needs to happen in their life. Once they start to put the vision into place, they will have no choice, but to want to see positive change manifest in their life.

The Course

It's time to SOAR

If you're ready to overcome those mental roadblocks that have been keeping you from your best life yet, click get started and we'll see you on the order side!

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